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        Douglas Wolf
The Pinal County Assessor
Radio & Television Personality

Douglas Wolf and his wife Gloria live in San Tan Valley. Douglas has been involved in real estate and personal computer software field. He currently is working with two companies, Inksoft and Pinal Products. Gloria works for a company in the defense sector. Their two adult children both live and work in San Diego, CA. Douglas was born and raised in Le Center Minnesota and attended St. Thomas University and Minnesota State University in Mankato, graduating with a degree in business administration in 1980.  In 1978 he was appointed as the GOP college student coordinator for the successful Rudy Boschwitz for US Senate campaign. He was co-editor and columnist of his college newspaper and was on the Mankato wresting team.   In 1980 he was hired by Republican Congressman Arlan Erdhal as a field representative. In 1982, Erdhal lost reelection due to a redistricting scheme similar to the one here in Arizona.  At that point, he and Gloria moved to San Diego, CA. and Douglas followed two career paths; real estate and developing computer software, in which he had his own business, Wolf’s Byte Productions. He participated in several hundred real estate transactions. His last position was with Real Estate Assistant (REA) where he was Director of Sales and Marketing. REA makes software for commercial real estate brokers. In 2005 they purchased rental property in Maricopa and in 2011 purchased a primary residence in San Tan Valley. Currently, Douglas is working as the Pinal County Assessor. Douglas is an author with over 30 books to his credit. He began writing computer “how to” books in the early 90’s and has written several “Dummies” titles. His most recent book is entitled “Marketing Me Book: The Complete Plan for Keeping your Job in Any Economy.” His favorite quote is “Pray as if it all depends upon God, and work as if it all depends on you.”

To Contact Douglas Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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