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The Daily Bread Bistro

If it weren’t for the social media chatter about the really good, fresh food of The Daily Bread Bistro, I would have never found this place. Thank goodness for Facebook.  A few months ago we happened by this jewel while taking a ride to check out the “boonies” of STV.  So, we decided to give it a try.

We ordered one of their specialty salads, soup, and a quesadilla. Oh, and they make fresh lemonade and flavored iced tea every day.  I remember that we really enjoyed the food and the homey atmosphere. The walls are filled with positive messages and quotes that make you smile.

We paid another visit to try a Saturday night menu that featured Chicken Marsala, one of my favorites that I make at home.  We were greeted by Lisa Ward, one of the owners, and picked our spot.  Lisa and her husband/Chef Kevan Ward opened in December 2012.

First up was peach iced tea—very refreshing!  The soup special was a Potato Cheddar, and my wife quickly ordered that.  (They make their soups from scratch.) I ordered the Caesar salad which came with the chicken marsala dinner.  The soup was a delicious combination of perfectly small diced potatoes in a creamy – not too cheesy— base with cheddar and jack cheeses. We both loved it.  My salad was a good-sized side salad portion with the usual accoutrements—very tasty.

Next, my wife wanted to try the hickory-smoked prime pulled pork. You can only order the BBQ on Friday’s and Saturday’s so it is fresh.  They are available with one or two meats and two sides if you wish. She ordered this with the maple bacon green beans with caramelized onions and cracker-crusted mac & cheese. It was served on grilled bread with sides of regular and chipotle BBQ sauces.  The pork was moist and very flavorful with a good amount of smoke. It went well with the chipotle sauce, which gave it a kick. Next time I make green beans it will be with maple syrup, bacon and onions—no questions asked. Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite comfort dishes. While the taste of this one was very good, I personally would have liked it a little more “wet.” Overall, we both enjoyed it very much.

Then came the special: chicken marsala served over butter-herbed linguine with mushrooms and a buttery marsala wine sauce.  The chicken cutlet had a thin breaded coating and was lightly fried—very tender and moist, not over-powered by the wine sauce, and served with a toasted garlic butter bun to mop up the sauce. The balance of flavors in this dish was awesome. Kudos to Chef Kevan!

If it wasn’t for the fact my wife loves dessert, I would have been content to leave. (Especially after leaving my plate clean.) She ordered the chocolate chip cookie dough brownie sundae. Talk about indulgent. Here comes this heaping bowl of goodness with giant scoops of vanilla ice cream over a cookie dough-stuffed chocolate chip brownie, laced with caramel and hot fudge sauce topped with whipped cream and candied pralines. Of course Lisa had to bring two spoons. Needless to say, I had pleasant nightmares that night.

As it says on The Daily Bread Bistro’s Facebook page, “Providing San Tan Valley and the surrounding communities a place for great food and fellowship with upscale cuisine at a downscale cost in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere that ‘feels like home.’”

I couldn’t agree more!


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