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San Tan Cafe

Down-Home Country Cookin’ at Its Best

If  I’d have pulled up to the San Tan Café with my horse (which I don’t have) I could’ve hitched up to the post outside. No worries. I just pulled my 140 Horsepower Scion into an ample parking lot. No need to hitch this baby up ... I got keys. Either way works if you want to experience some great down-home country cookin’. It doesn’t take a big city slicker like me to feel right at home in this place. The minute I walked in I can smell a good place when I see one. “Morning Sir ... you can take seat wherever you like” says Kelli one of the servers. Great I think. As I look around there is a mixture of memorabilia on the walls, nothing gaudy just “homey”. The boys with the Cowboy hats are sitting around a table smiling and probably discussing their horse business. (The hitching post is designed for them).


Kelli comes over with a piping fresh hot cup of Farmers Bros coffee. I take a look at the menu and think; I’ve got my hands full this morning. I want to order everything. Thank goodness I was meeting James Tanner from San Tan Valley Dailyprss ( here for breakfast. While I’m waiting for James I ask Kelli to name some of the most popular dishes people order and she obliges. This way I’ll be ready to order when James arrives.

Meanwhile I got to meet Barry Abrams, the owner and we start talking about our backgrounds and what else ... food, of course. Turns our Barry and wife Pat are from Connecticut and have been in the foodservice business for many years working for “the man”. 

Been in AZ since 1979 working for some major restaurant chains and woke up one day and said “you know what? we can be doing a better job on our own.” So they looked around and found this place was for sale. So in June of 2013 they took over the restaurant. Learn from someone else and apply your experience but also add the things that were lacking or missing. Like great customer service, great quality food, good portions, and reasonable prices. How can you lose?  I’m getting hungry ... let’s order. James arrives and I tell him what we’re doing.

Here’s what I’d like to try but if you want something different just let me know. First off let’s try the Crunchy French Toast served with warm syrup; and some Biscuits and homemade sausage gravy; next let’s have some of those buttermilk pancakes; and let’s top it off with the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs “Signature Dish”. James says “I’m in. That’s good enough for me.”


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