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GOT BBQ?  Queen Creek Cafe Smokehouse Menu

After moving to San Tan Valley in 2007 from Chicago, (then considered Queen Creek), my wife and I were hoping to find some good, local restaurants. Not many were out here back then except for the Queen Creek Café and a few others. Both of us are home chef’s (foodies) and coming from Chicago our expectations for eating out are really high. We didn’t go out much because we knew our home cooking was better than most of what was available unless you went to Phoenix or Scottsdale and were willing to pay a lot of money. Now that our area has grown with more choices for dining out I decided to go on a mission to find and report the good culinary offerings in the San Tan area. So, when Joe Carreiro from KQCK Radio Stations posted that smokehouse barbecue had come to Queen Creek Café I said, “I’ve got to go over and do a review.” Joe said, “Review away.” My wife wanted a Friday night fish fry and I had a taste for BBQ so we decided to give the Queen Creek Café a try. As we pull up we can see the smokers out front so we knew there’s BBQ going on here. The atmosphere hasn’t changed much but the ownership has from what I understand.

We were greeted by Larry, the owner and were seated promptly. Not even really looking at the menu, we knew what we wanted to try. So let’s dig right into the food. Here’s what we ordered. Friday Fish Fry (all you can eat) Pollock Farm-raised Catfish Baked Potato Corn Biscuit Tartar Sauce The Pollock, being a mild-mannered fish, came fried with a very tasty breading but the breading was the show not the fish. There was just not enough fish to make it stand out. Now the Catfish was another story. Unless you like tasting the bottom of a mud river, their farm-raised catfish was much more appealing to the taste buds. I give QCC high marks for the catfish. The baked potato was served hot which is one of my wife’s pet peeves. The corn—well, let’s just say that the freezer didn’t burn it too bad. But, to be fair, the tartar sauce was one of the best I’ve had, which saved this fry from being foul. Next up BBQ Ribs – hickory smoked Chicken – mesquite smoked Pork – pulled, with bits of burnt ends. Apple wood smoked Baked beans – with ground beef, bacon and sausage Coleslaw – creamy, sweet Biscuits BBQ sauces – regular and bourbon molasses

The menu showed Ribs, Chicken, or Pork. Man, you can’t do that to me. Make me choose? So I asked the waitress if they would make me a combo platter of all three. Low and behold, here comes a loaded plate of Que. The smoke is permeating the area as I dig in. First the pulled pork—nicely smoked in applewood with large pieces of “burnt ends”—a delicacy in itself. The meat is moist and flavorful even without the two styles of BBQ sauce served. Next is the half Mesquite chicken which I could have made a meal of all by itself. Great with either sauce. Had to try the beans next. I mean what’s a BBQ without beans! These weren’t your ordinary beans though. Our waitress, who’s from the South, helped develop the recipe using ground beef, bacon, and sausage. Ooh La La! On to the ribs which are also my wife’s favorite. Nice and meaty, fall of the bone but with a little chew kind of rib—the way we like it. Hickory smoked ringed with a little char on the outside. (I’m getting full at this point.) Wait, can’t forget the coleslaw—nice and creamy and a little sweet. So there you have it. Joe was right the BBQ was very good. It’s a welcome new addition to the QCC menu and sure to please any BBQ lovers, as it was also reasonably priced. We’ll do it again soon I’m sure.


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